David Young Musical Meditation

David Young will be appearing and presenting his Musical Meditation at The Berckman House on October 20th @ 7 PM, October 21st @ 10 AM and 2 PM as well as offering private sessions on October 23rd.

Please Click the links at the bottom of the page to pre-register for the day and time you would like.

Meditation sessions are $45. Private sessions are available @ 20 minutes for $75.




David Young plays two Renaissance flutes at one time, has sold more than 1,000,000 CDs of his 59 various albums, has been nominated for two Grammy’s and people call his music the most heavenly, healing music on the planet. Over 20,000 healers and healing centers all over the world use his music which reaches 300,000 people every day. It is said that more people have had out of body experiences listening to his music than any musician alive today

Literally, 80 % of attendees will have one of these experiences and 100 % of people who have had a near death experience will share one of these experiences. David presented at the IANDS convention in Orlando recently and is now doing events coordinated by IANDS.

  • Testimonials :
  • Whether people have been meditating a short time or for thirty years attendees consistently share having one of the most profound experiences of their lives.
  • At a recent event, a woman was visited by Martin Luther King who said he had some work for her in a couple of days. She shared this in front of 40 people who heard this at the event. 3 days later on Monday morning, her boss called her in to say he was putting her in charge of the Martin Luther King fund! She worked at her company for 10 years and was not aware there was a fund of this type.
  • Although each experience is unique, many share that these great teachers have told them we are all One and we are equal and there is no need for the pedestals that mankind has put them on.
  • Three people at one event saw Jesus standing in the exact same place in the room. At another event he gave five people the same ancient symbols.
  • Over 650 people have shared their experiences with Jesus or Mother Mary.
  • Two women sitting next to each other at one event both described experiencing Quan Yin standing between them.
  • On separate evenings two people had the exact same experience with Buddha who brought them to this gigantic tree (The Tree of Life) that was so tremendous it was beyond their description of words.
  • At every one of these events at least ten people have shared reconnecting with one or more of their loved ones in Spirit.
  • A shy, introverted woman came to an event and shared that her entire family in Heaven lined up to greet her, over 20 souls.
  • Violetta, who has cancer has been visited six times by Jesus, George Harrison and John Lennon at events who are helping her to heal.
  • A woman with a son with Down Syndrome had a Soul to Soul experience where he was syndrome free on the inner and he explained why he had that disease in his current life.


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